Play it safe with

on-site power sourced from professionals

Power outages cost time and money. To avoid lengthy delays, rely on professional electrical equipment from the word go. Wondering what your connection should look like and which connection-distribution cabinet is best for your construction project? We’re happy to advise you.

Connection-distribution cabinets are generally connected to the grid powered by the energy provider. The cable from the on-site distribution box to the construction site must not be longer than 30m or contain any detachable interconnections. An additional intermediate meter can also be installed for internal measurements.

We offer the following products:

  • On-site power supply equipment and rubber-sheathed cables
  • Connection cabinets up to 1000 A
  • Several types of on-site power distributors
  • Several types of crane connection cabinets
  • Light distributors with timers or twilight switches
  • Container distributors
  • Custom equipment tailored to your requirements available on request.
  • Rubber-sheathed cables HO7 RN-F (1.5 sqmm to 185 sqmm)
  • CEE extension cables available with various cross sections and lengths
  • Several types of floodlights
  • On request: transportable mast lighting with concrete bases

We primarily offer on-site power services in the regions of Lörrach and Südbaden.

Buy and hire

on-site distribution boxes and more with professional advice

Buy or hire the ideal connection-distribution cabinet for your construction site from us. We offer distribution boxes from several manufacturers. We’re happy to advise you on which is best for your scenario. We can also take care of installation on request.

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